Additive manufacturing processes continue to redefine the concept of what is possible on the shop floor, enabling low-cost, on-demand flexibility and customization unprecedented a few years ago. However, if you want the best results, you have to start with the best source materials, which means Messer world-class process gases are a must.

Messer offers technology solutions and expertise to cover the entire AM pipeline, from metal powder production to HIP post-processing and surface treatment, and everything in between. Not only do we offer significant experience and a market-leading selection of meticulously designed gases and supply options, we also provide you with the most experienced and committed customer support in the industry. No matter how ambitious your idea is, we are here to help you take it from dream concept to tangible reality.

Whether you manufacture for the aerospace, energy, automotive, medical field, or other market together, Messer will partner with you every step of the way, researching and developing new techniques and creating cutting-edge solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Technological solutions for the atomization of metal powder

The best possible base material is the first step to repeatedly printing a high-quality product. Our knowledge and experience in gases, high pressure supply, recycling technology and inert storage can help ensure that your process runs reliably and productively, and that the dust maintains its properties during transport and storage.


Technological solutions for the storage of metal powder

Metallic powders, such as Ti alloys, are especially sensitive to storage conditions and variations in the ambient atmosphere can affect the repeatability of the AM process. Even if the powders are stored in a closet, the indoor atmosphere can be affected every time the closet door is opened.

Messer addresses this problem with a storage cabinet that provides active protection from powdered metals. The Messer AM cabinet continuously monitors the storage atmosphere and uses an inert gas to protect sensitive powdered metals from changes in humidity, oxygen (O2), and temperature. It can correct for variations each time the cabinet door is closed and keeps O2 at very low levels to ensure long dust life.


Technological solutions for metal 3D printing

The repeatable quality of the 3D printing process is vital for high-end aerospace, automotive and medical components, but it becomes more challenging as parts increase in size and geometries become more complex. Unwanted gases and moisture can enter the build chamber through insufficient purging, loose supply connections, or through the metal powder itself. Even small variations in O2 levels in the build chamber can cause discoloration, affect critical mechanical properties such as fatigue resistance, and reduce powder life.

You cannot have the required accurate and consistent printing process unless you maintain an accurate and consistent atmosphere throughout the laser powder bed fusing process. Messer process gases and state-of-the-art technology, including our ASURE3D ™ atmosphere control system, give you that precision.

Messer’s ASURE3D ™ atmosphere control system supplies additional inert gas during the printing process and can respond quickly to changes in O2 or humidity to keep contamination of the chamber atmosphere to a minimum. The compact unit can be indispensable for improving the reproducibility of powder bed laser fusion processes, and improved sensor resolution (up to < 10 ppm O2) and continuous on-board data collection ensure better monitoring of the atmosphere beyond the capabilities of most commercial 3D printers. It can also be essential to minimize O2 and N2 levels for sensitive reactive materials and can be integrated into all existing printers.


Heat treatment, sintering and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) solutions for additive manufacturing

Whether it’s simple stress relief or multi-step precipitation hardening, proper heat treatment is critical to optimizing the performance of your 3D printed parts. Messer gas and heat treatment solutions deliver consistently high-quality results safely and cost-effectively no matter your material or application.

For binder extrusion or injection printers, debonding and sintering processes are often the most critical steps in achieving high-quality parts.

Additionally, many critical applications require high pressure hot isostatic press (HIP) post-processing to eliminate porosity in final 3D printed parts. Messer can provide you with a turnkey solution for high pressure gas supply systems, enabling high performance and reliability of even the most precise specifications for your HIP furnace.


Technological solutions for surface cleaning

3D printed metal parts can contain adherent dust and other contaminants that are difficult to safely remove from the complex geometries possible with AM. Messer’s ASURE3D CO2 cleaning process uses dry ice to remove dust residues and other unwanted substances from your workpieces, safely, efficiently, ecologically and without costly cleaning-related downtime. CO2 snow can be mixed with abrasives to remove tough surface residue.


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