At Messer, sustainability is at the core of our strategy and we incorporate it in our day-to-day business.

Our talented, diverse and motivated workforce provides leadership to ensure that we act with safety, integrity and respect for our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment in everything we do.

We value our customers and focus our development on technologies that support their shared sustainability journey.

Our Commitment


  • Reducing our carbon footprint by 40% per dollar of profit by 2030
  • Improving efficiency and reducing power consumption in our operations
  • Developing sustainable technologies for our


  • Achieving zero incidents and believing we are Safer Together
  • Positively impacting our customers and the communities in which we live and work
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion by creating awareness and open dialogue, and celebrating differences


  • Conducting business ethically and in compliance with law
  • Acting responsibly and with integrity
  • Safeguarding our data and information

At Messer, We Are Aligned With the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We commit to sustainability practices for the environment, our employees, customers & community, and our day-to-day activities.

+ Environment

  • • Increasing the share of renewable energy in our operations.
  • Reducing the energy consumption in our plants through debottlenecking and efficiency projects.
  • • Reducing the carbon footprint of our distribution activities by increasing fuel efficiency and reducing miles driven.

+ People

  • • Living in a health & safety mindset. aspire to zero accidents, incidents, and injuries and promote health and well-being for all through safety-conscious decision-making, proactive engagements, training, and uncompromising work standards.
  • • Valuing our customers and using feedback to understand industry trends and focus our development on technologies that make our customers’ production processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Investing in our employees and encouraging everyone to reach their highest potential through education, coaching and career development.
  • • Fostering diversity and inclusion by creating awareness and open dialogue, and celebrating differences.
  • • Positively impacting the communities where we live and work, and society at large through engagements at the corporate and individual level.
  • Managing our resources responsibly and seeking suppliers who achieve our standards for health and safety, human rights and labor standards, legal compliance, integrity and sustainability.

+ Company

  • • Leveraging our board structure, policies & procedures as a framework to carry out our strategy effectively, with stability and continuity.
  • • Developing our risk management & controls framework forms a basis for each Messer Americas country to meet its own unique blend of business requirements in strict compliance with laws and regulations and under a clear behavioral Code of Conduct.
  • • Conducting business ethically and in compliance with law. We expect our employees to act with integrity and be responsible team members. Our Integrity Line provides employees a confidential mechanism to report concerns.
  • • Delivering accurate, timely and transparent disclosures.
  • • Safeguarding the data and information of our business, employees, customers and suppliers. Our Data Privacy policies describe our approach to data protection, and our Cybersecurity program provides mechanisms and training to ensure data is properly managed.



Messer’s newest Air Separation Unit will be run sustainably by harnessing the power of the sun.

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Messer is recognized as a Great Place to Work, a widely-recognized award. Messer is the only industrial gas companies to receive this award.

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Our operational strategy and governance processes provide a solid platform for growth, value creation and entrepreneurial agility.

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“Sustainability for the environment, our employees and our company is at the core of our strategy and day-to-day activities. It is embedded in our business. It is simply the right thing to do.”

Jens Luehring, President and CEO, Messer Americas

We Help Our Customers With Their Sustainability Efforts

Our efforts to promote sustainable growth don’t stop at our office doorstep. Messer is committed to investing in new and existing products, solutions, and initiatives that bring direct environmental improvements and carbon savings to our valued customers.

BIOXTM water treatment technology: reduces electricity, foam, sludge, chemicals and off-gassing.

SAR+: increases sulfuric acid production while maintaining NOx emissions at or below permit levels.

Oxy-Fuel technology for heating and melting: increases energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions, NOx and other pollutants.

Hydrogen Mobility solutions: provides fuel for fuel cell forklifts and AC Transit buses, retail car fueling stations in California


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