When your company motto is “Gases for Life,” you must take health, safety and environmental concerns seriously.

Health, safety and environmental protection are fundamental principles of our business. They are fundamental to everything we do, and our decision making, actions and behaviors will adhere to these values 100% of the time.

Messer meets all applicable requirements determined by regulatory authorities, our customers, and our own strict quality standards. The well-being of our clients, communities, people and the planet is our number one priority. Messer will always act to prevent harm to people, society and the environment.


At Messer we are committed to the responsible use of natural resources, the development of clean technologies and the substitution of harmful substances for ecological alternatives. We actively seek to minimize the environmental impact of our own operations and strive to provide technologies and gases that help you, our customers, minimize, or even eliminate, hazardous emissions.


Quality Policy at Messer

At Messer, our quality policy is simple:

We do it right consistently, the first time. We do it better continuously.



Messer recognizes the importance of an effective security program to protect the company’s employees, assets, information, integrity, and reputation from potential threats. The company’s commitment is guided by the core core values, code of conduct and business ethics that shape and influence the way Messer operates. These core values include professionalism, respect for employees and stakeholders, and an ongoing concern for health, safety, and the protection of the environment.


Continuity, emergency and crisis management

Messer recognizes that disasters can strike with or without warning, affecting our employees, our business, and the communities we serve. We choose to mitigate those risks by participating in activities that focus on core competencies of disaster management; prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.


R.esponsible Care®

A Commitment to Health, Safety and Security
Messer is proud to participate in the American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® Initiative.


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