Rely on the best-in-class gases and solutions
for energized well stimulation of hydraulic fracturing
and huff 'n' puff operations

When you want to get the most out of your wells, turn to Messer. We’ve partnered with oil and gas producers for more than 50 years, and helped pioneer the use of gases in energized well stimulation applications. No other supplier can match our combination of sheer expertise, innovative technology, market-leading gases, and committed customer service.

Our comprehensive solutions for energized well stimulation utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) to maximize well performance and generate significant productivity gains for both hydraulic fracturing and huff ‘n’ puff well treatments.

Ideal for formations with little to no permeability, such as shale, tight or water-sensitive formations, and coalbed methane, CO2- and N2-energized fracturing solutions offer a wealth of advantages over traditional slickwater and gelled oil treatments:

  • Lower rates of production decline, improved recovery
  • Improved flowback
  • Improved proppant placement for maximum conductivity of hydrocarbons
  • Reduced formation damage
  • Easier cleanup and significantly less water to recover

Messer’s gas-based solutions are safe, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable. They’re even well suited for unconventional or liquid-rich plays.

For more information on how Messer’s reliability, expertise and innovation can maximize the production of your wells, view the resources below, or contact us .

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