Whether you want to maximize the production or enhance recovery of your wells , utilize nitrogen services for pipelines and plant turnarounds or require gas applications in your refinery or chemical plant, Messer can help.

Our engineers and service team rank among the most knowledgeable in the world, and we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products – including nanoactiv® HnP powered by Messer and our new family of Boost-EOR™ well treatment solutions – built to meet your specific needs. To understand Messer recommendations for well assessment and treatment, click here .

Need advice on CO2-or N2-based solutions for EOR to improve or enhance your overall recovery? Look no further than Messer. Questions about the best purging techniques for your pipeline construction project? Our experienced engineers and service team will be there to guide and advise you through every step.



Lower costs and emissions through cleaner processes and the right gases.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Revive old wells with nanoActiv® HnP, the EOR solution using nanoparticle technology to reinvent the Huff-n-Puff concept.

Plant Turnaround and Pipeline Construction

An ideal solution for safely purging out your refinery with nitrogen during a turnaround.


Maximize productivity gains in both hydraulic fracturing and huff ‘n’ puff applications with our CO2- and N2-based solutions.


Enhancing Hydrocarbon Productivity with Oil and Gas Services

Messer's Oil and Gas services safely and reliably deliver and stage industrial gases – carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) – to energize individual well treatments (aka huff 'n' puffs) to hydraulic fracturing treatments for more efficient, effective, long-term well stimulation and completion.

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