ENOx ™ High Performance NOx Removal Technology

Messer is proud to offer eNOx ™ NOx Reduction Technology, an ammonia-free, low-temperature end-of-pipe modification that reliably and stably removes 95% or more of NOx regardless of load, concentration, particulates. or the presence of SOx. Messer also offers the solution as a polishing step in your process. It can run after your existing NOx reduction technology and reduces your operating costs.

How does eNOx™ work?

Combustion creates NOx. eNOx™ treats NOx with a stream of ozone that reacts to become N2O5. A dry or aqueous scrubber then converts N2O5 to nitric acid (HNO3), minimizing your emissions and leaving you with a salt or solution.

The CRYOSOLV ™ VEC System for VOC Recovery

State-of-the-art cryogenic control of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions is simple, efficient, and cost-effective with Messer’s CRYOSOLV ™ Vapor Emission Control (VEC) system. Easy to install and operate, CRYOSOLV ™ uses environmentally safe and inert Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) to safely recover VOCs, including hydrocarbons, halocarbons, alcohols, solvents, and volatile natural compounds.

The CRYOSOLV ™ process involves zero chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), does not generate wastewater or secondary emissions, and does not require an ignition source, making it safe for potentially explosive atmospheres. You can even recover and reuse both nitrogen and VOCs.


Water pH Reduction

A safer, simpler, better way to control pH and scaling in tanks, ponds, and process water.

The Neutra Process from Messer lowers the pH of water not with harsh and hazardous chemicals, but with pure carbon dioxide (CO2) – and the benefits when compared to traditional acids are game-changing.


Water BOD and COD Reduction

Keeping the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of discharged wastewater within targeted conditions is more than just environmentally responsible—it’s required by law. Meeting or exceeding all applicable regulations and guidelines is simple when your environmental solutions center around pure bulk gases and state-of-the-art equipment from Messer.

Messer offers the BIOX™ series of wastewater oxygenation solutions for chemical plants, municipalities, pulp & paper mills, food production plants and other industrial processes.


Ozone Oxygen Recovery

The use of ozone for drinking water and wastewater treatment, mineral and pulp bleaching, and NOx removal continues to rise. But the process of converting oxygen into ozone is inefficient, and only a small percentage of the oxygen put into the system actually converts to ozone. The rest goes unused and is ultimately vented out of the system.

OXYCYCLE™ from Messer offers a better way.


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