Innovative, eco-friendly solutions and world-class services that maximize the efficiency of pulp and paper processes

From legal documents to gift wrap, paper is both ubiquitous and vital to our modern world—Messer supports pulp & paper producers across the entire manufacturing process chain. We’ll put our extensive expertise, innovative solutions and market-leading gases to work improving your operational productivity during the pulp washing and paper making processing stages as well as the wastewater treatment prior to discharge. We will provide sustainable solutions until your product comes off the final press.

BOD/COD RemovalReduce BOD and COD with oxygen instead of aerators with Messer’s BIOX™ family of injectors and flow skids.

pH Stabilization— CO2 is a safer, less reactive and more efficient stabilizer than many widely utilized mineral acids.

Pulp Washing— CO2 technology can optimize brown-stock washing or alkaline bleaching stages, introducing a range of improvements including lower water consumption, increased capacity, and decreases in chemical use and wastewater COD.

Bleaching and Delignification— Oxygen (O2) delignification is an environmentally friendly, proven effective method for bleaching during elemental chlorine free (ECF) and total chlorine free (TCF) processes. Its chemical costs are low, and it is easily integrated into existing Kraft process washing cycles, which reduces water use.

Bleaching via Ozone— Ozone (O3) is especially effective when bleaching high-white pulps. Ozone requires only a short reaction time even in low-temperature scenarios and produces halogen-free wastewater.

Best of all, our deeply knowledgeable engineers will be there for you the entire time, custom-crafting the solution and supporting you to get the maximum return for your investment.

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pH Reduction

pH Reduction

Bulk carbon dioxide for safe and reliable management of pH levels of discharged wastewater.
pH Reduction

O2 to reduce COD

Customizable and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions for BOD and COD control.
pH Reduction

Oxygen Recycling for Ozone Production

Recycle up to 60% of oxygen used during ozone generation with Messer's OXYCYCLETM Oxygen Recovery Unit.

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