Aquaculture farms are the key to meeting the rising global demand for fish and seafood—and the key to maximizing aquaculture production is the ability to control and supplement the oxygen level in your water.

Messer’s pioneering FARMOX™ oxygenation solutions give you that control.

Deeply versatile, scalable and customizable for your specific use case, FARMOX™ systems are easy to deploy in most any operational scenario, from Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) to sea cages to transport trucks. Moreover, FARMOX™ is unaffected by salinity, and can enrich the environmental quality for any species of farmed fish (and most aquatic plants) in fresh, brackish, or salt water.

What can FARMOX™ do for you?

  • Higher stocking densities
  • Lower fish mortality
  • Faster growth rates
  • Higher feed conversion ratios, leading to feed cost reductions of up to 20%

Looking to freeze or chill your seafood products? Messer can help. To learn more about Messer’s FARMOX™ oxygenation solutions, scroll down, read our blog or contact us.

FARMOX™ Solutions

FARMOX™ drop-in

Ideal for:

Ocean-based and large volume applications

Specifically designed to oxygenate large volumes of water in enclosed or partially enclosed ocean production facilities, the innovative FARMOX™ drop-in optimizes oxygenation even at low pressures and depths. Light and compact, the FARMOX™ drop-in is a mobile non-fixed unit that can easily be deployed in minutes and is especially well-suited for seasonal and short-term operations such as delousing and Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD) treatment.

FARMOX™ low pressure Venturi nozzle

Ideal for:

Most FARMOX™ applications

A patented, versatile oxygen-dissolving unit that oxygenates water while also displacing N2, preventing nitrogen supersaturation. Typically integrated into the pipe installation, this unit combines high operational efficiency with low energy requirements.

FARMOX ™ flow distributor

Ideal for:

Most tank-based FARMOX™ applications

The FARMOX™ flow distributor ensures that oxygenated water is homogeneously distributed throughout a tank’s water volume. An integral water-flow indicator is built into every unit, enabling improved oxygen distribution and better control of in-tank conditions.

FARMOX™ low pressure sidestream injector

Ideal for:

Circular tank applications

A patented all-in-one solution that both oxygenates and distributes water in circular tanks. Perfect for both retrofits and existing systems, its microbubble design reduces nitrogen levels and decreases or even removes the need for external degassing of the water source.

FARMOX™ flow control skid

Ideal for:

Most FARMOX™ applications

Constructed with the emphasis on gas safety, Messer dosing cabinets and cone cabinets automatically maintain a consistent level of oxygen in the tank, overcoming variations in tank biomass, feeding regime, temperature, etc.

FARMOX™ oxygenation cone

Ideal for:

Freshwater applications

The most efficient freshwater oxygen dissolver currently available on the market, with an efficiency rating that approaches 100% during standard operation. Typically combined with a FARMOX™ venturi on the inlet pipe and a FARMOX™ mix on the return.

FARMOX™ Venturi and mix nozzles

Ideal for:

FARMOX™ cone applications

The ideal supply and return nozzle solutions. On the way in, the FARMOX™ Venturi enables up to 50% higher oxygen dosing capacity in FARMOX™ cones. As the water returns, the FAMOX™ mix enables the mixing of water with a high oxygen concentration into a main water flow without degassing and reducing efficiency.

FARMOX™ hose and stone diffusers

Ideal for:

Most FARMOX™ applications

Stabilize oxygen levels directly in your tanks with these reliable, easily installed diffusing options. The FARMOX™ hose requires no external power supply, the FARMOX™ stone’s microbubbles have the added benefit of stripping unwanted gases from the water, and both are well-suited to emergency oxygenation systems.

Bulk Oxygen ( O 2 )

Ideal for:

All FARMOX™ applications

Whatever custom FARMOX™ oxygenation solution you choose, make sure to keep it operating at peak performance with pure O2 from Messer. As a market leader in industrial gases for more than 120 years, we have generations of expertise and a commitment to reliability you can trust. Learn more ..

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